So – I had my hair done at the start of April, the whole salon experience. I went from my natural brown to a blonde/caramel balayage – I needed a change & that was the direction I went in. After a gruelling 8 hours and stiff neck from holding up all the foils I felt fresh!

Anyway, fast forward July, after not touching my hair what-so-ever the toner eventually wore off and my hair was completely orange. Days have just been passing so fast; hubby’s been working around the clock, we moved houses and I just haven’t had time to get this orange removed.

I was flicking through some instagram videos and came across the Fanola range, specifically their ‘No Orange’ shampoo, I usually don’t believe stuff I see on the internet, but I caved anyway, I was desperate to get the orange out so I would have tried anything. I ordered it from ShowPo a 1 litre bottle for $39.95 and after trying it, I had to share the results.

How I used the Fanola “No Orange”:

  1. I washed my hair really well with shampoo first, the Serie Expert ProKeratin Shampoo. (I actually got this from the salon I had my hair done in April)
  2. Then I put the Fanola in. I brushed it through with a hairbrush and wrapped it up to sit for 4 minutes. Once it was up I washed it out and checked it to see how the colour was looking (The bottle says to keep it on from 1-5 minutes and repeat if necessary) but I didn’t need to repeat.
  3. Next I put on an intense damage repair mask by Franco Alphonse & CO and left it on for 10 minutes then washed it out.
  4. Blow dried my hair & wallah!

*Use gloves when applying to avoid purple fingers.


The difference in just 5 minutes, at home… I’ll let the photo speak for itself.

I Just want to add, this is in no way advertising, just me sharing a ‘quick fix’ to get rid of unwanted orange tones at home.

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