• Travel

    Top things to do in Abu Dhabi with Kids

    We had finally decided we needed to take some time out, as a family. We had a rough year, Layla’s first year had not gone as planned, hence, time out was important – recharge the batteries. So, we looked for 5 main things when picking a holiday destination, Easy to get too. Somewhere we could ‘relax’. A place that wasn’t going to break the bank. Warm weather. A wide range of things to do. Our choice, Abu Dhabi. Etihad fly direct from almost every destination to Abu Dhabi, however…

  • Makeup


    So – I had my hair done at the start of April, the whole salon experience. I went from my natural brown to a blonde/caramel balayage – I needed a change & that was the direction I went in. After a gruelling 8 hours and stiff neck from holding up all the foils I felt fresh! Anyway, fast forward July, after not touching my hair what-so-ever the toner eventually wore off and my hair was completely orange. Days have just been passing so fast; hubby’s been working around the clock,…

  • Infertility

    How I survived a ruptured ectopic at 11 weeks pregnant

    We were overseas in Croatia, we had been since July that year, so 6 months already. My partner was born and raised in Croatia, Pula, and like so, when we had a child we always wanted for her to spend as much time as possible there, the lifestyle was so much different then mine in Australia, it was much more relaxed and gave the children, freedom. We decided early on to celebrate our daughters first birthday in Pula, as most of our family were in Europe, with the exception…

  • Makeup

    Smolder Cosmetics Makeup Transformation

    My very first make-up transformation video! I had always loved make-up; but once I fell pregnant with Layla, I just stopped, it was like I forgot about what I loved and everything just became about her. So I’m finally getting back into it, only a quick one though! Hope you all enjoy! *For anyone wanting to use the smolder loose dusts, they are extremely pigmented, just be careful not to use too much and overlay otherwise it will become hard and crack!  Nadina x  

  • Parenting


    So I’m not going to lie, it’s no secret I was truly blessed with my little lady when it comes to sleep, a feeling similar to hitting the jackpot I can only assume. I initially read so much information about babies sleep whilst I was pregnant, of course nothing you read can compare to real life, but it did assist me to use my intuition. It’s often assumed parents to newborns don’t get any sleep and it was one of the most asked questions while Layla was little, “how…

  • Infertility

    Infertility IVF success

    Ahhh – I look at you now, and its so easy to smile, it makes hard to believe that for such a long time before you, the thought of having you was just that, a thought.    I had never even heard of the word “infertility” it wasn’t something that ran in my family and therefore it had never before crossed my mind. So when I was diagnosed with infertility it took me an awfully long time to come to terms with it, I just couldn’t understand – Why…